Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Home for Shoes

This shoe rack was supposed to solve all my shoe woes with my little girls.
Unfortunately it is made for adult shoes and did not solve any of my shoe woes.

And isn't that an especially lovely splash of yellow the 6 year old picked out.

I opened the box and set out all of the pieces.
Then I went and layed on the couch while the husband assembled it for me.
He tells me with all the projects he's been doing for me I need to rename the blog "The Husband's Dirty Little Secrets".
I told him I'd think about it.
Later in the day, once I mustered up enough energy to get off the couch, I put all the shoes on the new shelf.


D's chapter on Imperturbability only has 5 pages, and 2 of the pages are illustrations. I think a little more insight on this subject would be helpful. She does say, There will be times, even in the best of homes, when everything seems to go wrong. (It is consoling to note, however, that in the best homes where a wonderful manager reigns, these bad days occur far less frequently and are not nearly so drastic in their extent!)--Well, that's something to keep working towards :)

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  1. i just like that you are my sister. that's all.