Thursday, November 4, 2010

A "Garage" for the Boat


Today was a bitter sweet day for the husband.
Bitter--because the boat guy came to winterize his boat.
Sweet--because he got to build a garage for his boat!
No TOOLS--this is one of those very user-friendly assembly gadgets from the COSTCO!

The husband waited until the little boy got home from school.
He's hands down, the best worker of all our kids.
He's a gem.
The two of them got to work at around 4.
The husband was thrilled with how easy it was to assemble and with no TOOLS!

I did help hold a pole or two for a total of about 2 minutes.
I like to do my part.
Other than a dinner break they worked non-stop until about 8:30.
It gets dark around 7 so they did have to pull out the lights.


And there you have it.
The beloved boat is "garaged".
The husband will sleep better now.

D says It's important that you be consistent in requiring a child's help every day. Now, the jobs may vary from day to day, but a child should get used to helping every day in some way. If you have your children help you yesterday but not today, and then you should ask them to help you tomorrow, it's likely that they'll try to argue with you and talk you out of it because they know you're inconsistent and a pushover.

That is some great parenting advice.
No parent wants to be inconsistent or a pushover.

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