Friday, November 5, 2010

New Outdoor House Lights


Is this ugly or what?
We have 3 of them.

This one's not quite so ugly, but has NO personality.
The husband has been a busy bee this week, either doing my projects for me or helping me with them. I was out Christmas shopping while he installed the lights so I saw no tools and have no idea what the procedure is. I did watch him shut the breaker off so he wouldn't electrocute himself--the most important step, wouldn't you agree?

We now have 4 new MATCHING lights!

Time to move on to
An ideal homemaker exercises patience, understanding, and imperturbability unless controlled anger and reasonable discipline are justified. She will do her best to take those bad days when everything seems to go wrong in her stride, realizing that we need some valleys in order to appreciate the mountains. She needs a sense of humor. She should not take herself, or house, or her children too seriously.

Sounds good to me.


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  2. K so I had to delete what I wrote because I spelled a word wrong and I would've been hasseled FOREVER!!! Anyways back to what I said...This is the facet that I need to acquire. Thanks for the sweet reminder! It goes along perfectly with what we studied in the scriptures today.