Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Insulation for the Attic

We have a rental property that needs the attic insulated.
We have great renters--and I have been a horrible landlord not getting this taken care of!
I've been meaning to do it for close to two years now.
Today I got the ball rolling.
There won't be any before and after pictures but THE PROCEDURE started with me going to the Rocky Mountain Power website to get a list of companies that work with their rebate plan...

I went with this one...

It was so easy and it is so sad I didn't get this taken care of sooner.
Tomorrow is December 1st!
The month of Christmas festivities AND the last month of my daily projects...can you sense the excitement in my fingers as I type?
I definitely won't stop doing projects--you would think a years worth would catch me up but my project list is longer than the days in a year. I definitely will do less cleaning and organizing and more FUN projects!
D says The innumerable traditions associated with Christmas are dear to our hearts.
She's right--such a fun month to look forward too!

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