Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One More Can Light for the Bathroom

Happy December!
And thanks to the holidays, my birthday, and our family vacation this month...happy only 18 MORE DAYS OF PROJECTS FOR THIS GIRL!!!
Who am I kidding, the projects never end for the mothers :)

The Dad installed one more can light in the 1/2 bath.

Do you think these will ever come back in style?

I am so loving these new lights!
Thanks Dad!

We still have 4 more facets...

An ideal homemaker is skilled in the handling of money, in planned preparation of food. She is able to conserve the family's possessions through good management. She does not economize and follow a budget out of self-pity, but because it is a challenge to get the very most out of the resources available.

I'm pretty good at budgeting--except in the month of December. I start with a Christmas budget but somehow, I never do stick to it.

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