Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Few Little Projects

Earlier today the husband risked his life to climb out on the snowy roof to hang the Christmas lights. He usually has the lights up before Thanksgiving but it just didn't happen this year. I told him he could have the year off but the children kept telling him he was a Christmas hater for not putting the lights up so he caved and here they are...

Along with hanging the lights he also replaced about a dozen of the light bulbs...he went through every strand of Christmas lights and got them all working.

This was a project I put together for a little Christmas party I'm headed to tomorrow.
Inside those boxes are homemade cinnamon almonds :)

I forgot to give my dad credit for this project...last week he installed a plug above the shelf above my kitchen counter so I can display Christmas lights on the shelf --as soon as I go buy some more lights!
And after all of these facets have made our ideal homemaker like a sparkling diamond, she will add a few other special facets of her own to set her apart from the rest.
D says Perhaps you are gifted with a sense of humor and are a source of fun and delight to all who know you. Maybe yours is the quality of making friends, of helping people to feel happy and at ease wherever you go. Are you an especially thoughtful person--one who is always extending a kind gesture to gladden another's heart?
Still dealing with sick kiddos at the Beck house.
If someone would like to extend a kind gesture and come clean my house that would really gladden my heart.

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  1. If I could I would be there in a Heartbeat! Love you!