Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Quote for the Dining Room Wall

I have been meaning to get a quote made for this wall for over a year now.

It needs one, don't you think?
This morning I drove 30 miles to my girl's house who does all my vinyl lettering.
While I was gone the husband held down the sick fort--50% of the children are sick. He was totally out-numbered but handled it all beautifully, even cleaning up after the 6 year old puked all over the carpet.
On my way home I stopped for some Krispy Kreme's--too bad half the family is sick and couldn't eat any :(

The husband helped me apply the quote to the wall...the only tool we used was a credit card.


Stay tuned for more vinyl tomorrow.
D says The best criterion of a well-decorated room is that it serves its purpose and is pleasing in appearance, not just that it follows rigid rules. Rooms should be able to be lived in and should also be a source of pride to the residents.