Monday, December 6, 2010

Painting 2 Shelves

Today was a puke fest at our house.
2 of the 6 children were a little sick.
Another 2 of the 6 were REALLY sick.
Just glad they're getting it out of their systems before Christmas.
The BEFORE and THE TOOLS picture is combined...

I will be constructing 2 shelves in the boys room.
The wood was already primed so I only had to paint one coat of white paint.
The 2 year old was one of the REALLY sick kids so I spent most of the day rocking her and watching countless hours of Curious George.
The husband took the 2 year old for a ride in the car--she loves car rides about as much as she loves Curious George :)
So I took advantage of the break and got everything painted.

More on budgeting...
D says Everyone's budget has to be worked out on an individual bases. The main thing is to know, instead of wonder, where your money is going, to manage your income wisely--to spend less than you earn--and you'll sleep well at night and be rich. --Unless your baby is sick and wakes up every hour and a half when her George movie ends, and then wakes you up to start it over amount of good budgeting can fix that.

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