Friday, December 3, 2010

The New Over-the-Counter Light

The entrance to the attic...

The husband and I got home from our date night just in time to see the Dad's finished project!


It turned out fantastic!
It not only lights up the counter space but also lights up the cute shelf.
Speaking of week we'll give the boys room a couple of new shelves!
More on budgeting...D gives us a budget breakdown:
30% Food
28% Housing and Transportation (not including car payments)
10% Clothing
13% or less for Installment Payments
5% Education and Recreation
Remainder goes to Savings/Investments/Miscellaneous
A couple of years ago the husband and I read THIS book.
I highly recommend it!
It was a good guide for budgeting and we paid off most of our debt by following his advice.

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