Monday, December 27, 2010

Painting the Basement Bathroom...

I made a list of my projects for this FINAL WEEK!
Monday: Paint trim and shelves in downstairs bathroom and 1/4 bath (is there such a thing?)
Tuesday: Paint first coat of paint in bathroom
Wednesday: Paint 2nd coat in bathroom
Thursday: Paint 1/4 bath and put decals (these are going to be great!) on bathroom walls and hang towel rack.
Friday: Write D a thank you letter.


I started painting the shelves...they took the longest.
Then I painted the trim in the bathroom and finished up with the trim in the 1/4 bath.
I had already painted the ceiling in the bathroom several weeks ago and the ceiling in the 1/4 bath was painted 3 years ago.

Unfortunately the AFTER pictures don't look much different from the BEFORE pictures--but in person it definitely looks MUCH better.

Here is the AFTER picture I promised for my "surprise project" from last month

I made digital scrapbooks for all 6 of the kids!
I put together a years worth of pictures for all the kids except for the youngest--I scrapbooked her first 2 years.
They LOVED them!

It's time for our VERY LAST FACET! Can you believe it?
And finally, an ideal homemaker, through having these many facets in her brilliant diamond, will be able to take pride in her noble calling and in the great work she is doing.

I turned 39 on Friday.
Not too excited about that next birthday coming up.
I made a list of projects I want to accomplish before I turn 40.
I kept it small...I figure I deserve a slow year after this one!
You can read about them HERE.


  1. I lOVE those digital scrapbooks! You inspired me... I'm going to make one for Gabby's graduation in the spring. Perfect gift! I'd better start working on it now! haha

  2. i can't wait to see those books!!!! bring them tonight!!