Friday, December 17, 2010

Washing Walls and Finishing the Chalkboard...

Remember the AFTER picture from Wednesday?
Today I finished painting the chalkboard.


It was easy...I just grabbed my brush and chalkboard paint and painted around the bottom and right side of the chalkboard.

I also washed some walls today--but I was so busy tying up loose ends for Christmas and our vacation that I didn't get pictures...they would have been boring anyway.

A final word from D on prayer...An old English proverb tells us: "Prayer should be the key to the day and the lock of the night." As a homemaker, make this part of your life and you will find your activities meaningful and your strength and abilities equal to your tasks.

We head out Sunday but I'll be back next Monday (Dec 27th) with my FINAL WEEK OF PROJECTS :)

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