Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Very Bad Splash of Yellow" Project

D gives advice to those who are Feeling Excessive Fatigue. Unfortunately, it is common among some of us to be tired much, if not all, of the time. We not only go to bed tired, but we wake up tired (she's talking to me--#7 is 2 months old and although she's sleeping better at night I'm still dragging). Perhaps (this) suggestion needs to be considered in combating excessive fatigue. Go Outside. Go for a walk and return home with fresh perspective.

I took her advice and went outside and took a walk to the east side of my backyard. A cinder block wall resides there. I have no idea how or when the wall was painted yellow. It looked like this when we moved in.

As much as I love splashes of yellow...this is most definitely an exception to the rule.



I picked up some gray spray paint at the Walmart. I wanted a lighter shade but they only had one shade of gray colors all.

I put a plastic bag on my hand so my finger wouldn't turn gray, then I sprayed and I sprayed and I sprayed...

Does it look better? I can't decide. I may have to paint the entire fence a lighter shade of gray.

I need to think about it.

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  1. Why don't you paint it ALL a pretty color? And then how about making a garden underneath it with all kinds of flowers and vegetables that creep up and around it to make it look beautiful?